What direction will my blog take? Goals and missions…

Posted April 9, 2008 by David McKenna
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I’ve finally decided on what specific theme I want my blog to take. I originally decided it would be for everything whether it is what I ate for breakfast, what I did that day, or just generally why my life is so damn exciting. My new theme: my missions and goals for the one, five, and ten years.

I’ve always been interested in finance, mainly just dealing with my own income/expenses. Within the last year I’ve become more interested in actually obtaining knowledge about personal finance, being either tips on reducing spending, websites that give you “points” for participation, what a GIC or RRSP actually is, etc. Through my quest for knowledge, I’ve read many Suze Orman books (although I’ve learned they don’t really apply to me because they’re US based), Personal Finance for Dummies, as well as some blogs like Canadian Dream: Free at 45, which I think is incredible, as well as Canadian Capitalist, which is pretty good as well.

So, while reading a post on joint bank accounts on Canadian Dream (CD), I’ve decided that I want to blog my goals. I’m already somewhat self motivating for these goals, but I figure I have nothing to lose by actually blogging about these goals. At the very least, I’ll have my goals down to look at, and at the very best I’ll have people encouraging me through comments like they do on CD.

I know there are websites that already do this like 43 Things (which I am a member of), I haven’t checked my account there since I signed up. I think this is because the only reason I have to go there is to put down another goal, or see who is encouraging me. I have a reason to come here, because I actually have an investment into this blog. It’s also more personal, and people who give me feedback or encouragement here either actually care, or already know me.

Well, although I feel like continuing to write I’m going to end it here. Why? Because the first goal I’m going to put on my blog is to finish this year off well at school (University of Prince Edward Island). If I’m going to accomplish this goal, I must go to sleep because it’s 11:20PM and I have my dreaded Finance exam tomorrow at 9AM.


David McKenna

P.S. I’ll update this soon (although over the next three days I have 3 exams and 1 final project due) with a little more on who I am, and what my actual goals are. I’ll also try and make my posts prettier by including pictures! I’ll see you all (aka. no one/my imagination) later.


My First Blog!

Posted April 7, 2008 by David McKenna
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Hello world! This is my first blog!

Well, not really, but my first independent blog. I began blogging around mid January 2008 for my “Networking, Knowledge, and the Digital Age” class at the University of Prince Edward Island. Through that class I’ve blogged within a group, with mandatory posts, but I’m creating this blog for my own personal use, and I hope I actually continue to use it in the future.

I’m actually surprised at how quickly I began to love blogging, even though in the past I’ve hated any kind of writing. It’s funny, now that the course has recently ended, I feel like I’ve lost a favorite activity, even though it used to be mandatory. I would like to thank my professor, Dave Hyndman for instilling this new love of blogging in me.

I don’t know if I will continue to write blog posts into the future, but I know I will continue to read them, mainly through things like my Google Reader and FriendFeed, which again, I’ll thank Dave Hyndman and my Business 442 class for teaching me.

I also intend to use this blog when my girlfriend, Jacqueline West, goes to Dalhousie University (hopefully!) in September 2008. I want a means of communicating with her on an everyday basis that will be logged for us in the future. I know there are other, more practical ways of doing this, but due to my new found love of blogging I would like to try this avenue.

I realize that no one will probably ever read this post (not even Jackie), but I’m not doing it for the views, and especially not the stress that the New York Times has been talking about. I’m doing it for the joy of writing my own blog, and to chronicle my life. I guess that means no ad revenue for me!


David McKenna